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Dental Tools for Home Use

For Whiter Smiles and Gum Disease Protection
The Best Home Care Program available!

Fact is...
This is the first and only Dentist's Approved Program for taking care of your Teeth and Gums at home!

Order the Complete Dental Hygiene Kit & e-book together and $AVE with our SPECIAL OFFER
Now only $37.98!

HomeDent-Dental Hygiene Kit
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New Items only offered by HomeDent:

A New Dental Hygiene Kit, HomeDent is clinically proven and chosen by dentists for home and travel use. The approved dental implements are what dentists use to keep smiles cleaner, whiter and healthier gums.

Red Tablets these locate unwanted plaque (bacteria) buildup on teeth. These tablets are difficult to find but we have them here.

Natural Bristle Toothbrushes cleans much softer and better than nylon brushes. Less wear on the teeth and gum tissue. If brushing makes your gums bleed... you will love using these brushes.

Self-Exam you will be able to examine the condition of your smile with the greatest of ease. "Out of sight, out of mind" John Wyrick, DDS. is the biggest problem with performing oral hygiene at home. See little problems before they become big problems

Early Detection saving your smile has just gotten easier.

"To whiten teeth at home, you must first clean them by removing the plaque and tartar. Nothing cleans teeth better than dental instruments and that is what we have for you." "HomeDent, the professional choice for cleaner, whiter, healthier smiles."

First Time Ever Oral Health Secrets Revealed!
in our special
Oral Health e-book!

Learn New Ways to Whiten and Protect Your Smile
by the Smile Experts!

This book explains new ways to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime...      plus
how to be free from tooth stains, gum disease and bad breath
One short lesson tells you what dentists take years to learn!

Order the Complete Dental Hygiene Kit & e-book together and $AVE with our SPECIAL OFFER
Now only $37.98!

Our Guarantee: Both you and your dentist must agree your teeth are cleaner and gums healthier due to the use of homedental products and information offered with our new e-book, or you will be totally refunded, including postage .
No other company offers that!

If you wish to avoid: Bad Breath, Gum Disease, Stained Teeth, Crowns, Dentures and False teeth... we can help you more than anyone else...
Let us show you why...

YOU can help save teeth & gums for a lifetime IF you know what to do! ...

With all the dental instruments making their way to the Internet....we are the only dentist's approved and recommended professional grade stainless steel dental instruments available.... the mirror is made of a material that eliminates galvanic shocks when touching amalgam fillings...

Dental instruments may look the same or similar to the public but they are not all made alike... Ours, are the only instruments selected by top dentists for home, office and travel use.

To keep teeth clean and white plus gums healthy... all you have to do is remove as much of the source of irritation as you can... and that irritation is mainly Bacteria...

Most of us now know brushing alone is not enough...
          we need something stronger to improve our smile.
                      Common Sense tells us to use a little of what dentist's know and trust.

Natural teeth are meant to last a Lifetime, and they can if you keep them clean. But How? We all brush and that is not working!

Toothpaste is the number one Health and Beauty item sold in America.

So if everyone is brushing, how come 3 out of every 4 adults over 30 years of age still have gum disease and are losing healthy teeth needlessly?

Dentists tell us,"Remove the source of irritation,"
that is how you avoid and cure:

Ø   Gum Disease
Ø   Embarrassing Tooth Stains
Ø   Tooth Decay
Ø   Bad Breath
Ø   Root Canals
Ø   Crowns, Dentures, & False Teeth

The cause for most of the irritation is simply a long-term build-up of BACTERIAL DEBRIS, what the public knows as: PLAQUE and TARTAR.

Long-term build up of bacterial plaque is the main culprit for needless tooth loss. If you wait until your next dental visit to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned, you may find yourself in for a big and expensive surprise.

Plaque is now being associated with heart problems and arthritis. Allowing Plaque to remain on teeth for any length of time is not a good idea.

Only our Dental Scaler can remove TARTAR!
Tartar cannot be brushed off teeth. Get the Complete Dental Hygiene Kit for maximum results and clean teeth.

Think about it.
Nothing cleans teeth equal to, or better than, dental instruments.
If something were better, dentists would be using it, correct?

People ask, "Which products are best to use?"
The answer is simple. Look for products dentists use in their office. If an item is used there it should be helpful to use at home and during travel. Be careful when choosing a scaler! The wrong one can do more damage than good! Ours is the only one recommended by dentists for home use!

A Dental FACT: Clean teeth last longer plus they produce greater SMILES!

The science is done.
Dentists say: "Homedental.com's clinically proven dental products, clean and protect smiles better than anything on the Planet."

Dentists couldn't say that if it weren't true!

You can have your best smile ever,
for less than half the cost of just one dental visit.

Internet Special!
Order your Complete Dental Hygiene kits before prices go up!
NOW Only $28.99

Order now. FREE items (Toothbrushes and/or dental floss) are automatically shipped with orders over $30.00

Think of what you will be saving
your teeth,
       your smile,
          the absence of pain
              and paying high dental bills.

We ship within 24 hours of receiving your Order
We ship: Priority Mail and International Priority Mail
We ship to: USA, Canada & Mexico, and all other interational destinations. Anywhere Priority Mail is delivered.
Be sure to click the correct shipping price for your order! We do not pad our shipping by 3 to 5 dollars, these are the actual cost of shipping. Orders will not be shipped if they are not marked with the correct destination. International destinations that do not have the correct shipping selected will be charged a $3.00 processing fee to cover credit card processing.

Testing Our Net Worth!

A simple test proves HomeDent works as stated!
Brush for as long as you wish, then rinse.
     your teeth are clean, right? Wrong!

NOW, like you would normally use a toothpick, use the dental scaler, found in your Complete Dental Hygiene Kit, on the front, side or backside of you teeth.

You will immediately see, on the tip of your scaler, the white bacteria(placque) your toothbrush just missed.That's the bad stuff.

This simple test is "PROOF ENOUGH" that dental instruments will help you more than brushing alone.


To Avoid or Prevent

  • High Dental Bills
  • Bad Breath
  • Unsightly & Embarrassing Tooth Stains
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Decay
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns, Dentures or False Teeth

Use the world's one and only Complete Dental Hygiene Kit, Homedent

End of Story

We thank you for visiting homedental.com.

Please mention us to your friends and relatives who may be in need. Our improved Home Dental Hygiene Program promises to produce healthier, whiter teeth and whiter smiles for everyone.

Jason Murray
Owner HomeDental.com

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