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Complete Hygiene KitTeeth & Gum Conditions to Check at home

The following conditions are signs that indicate that your teeth and gums need attention and that you should check with your dentist ASAP.

  • Plaque/Tartar Buildup
  • Decay
  • Swollen Gums
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Broken Teeth
  • Receding Gum Line
  • A Dark Tooth or a tooth loosing it's white color 
  • Teeth Sensitive to: Pressure, Sweets, Acid, Heat, or Cold
  • Irregular or Unsightly Tooth Arrangement
  • Bad Occlusion (If Teeth Don't Mesh Together Properly)
This is what healthy tooth and gum tissue should look like. This is considered "Normal". Anything that doesn't look "Normal" should be brought to the attention of your dentist as soon as possible.

This is what tooth and gum tissue should NOT look like

The sooner treatments begin, the better chance you have of saving your teeth. Please don't delay. The above listed conditions never stay the same or get better when left untreated. They only get worse with time. Proper use of HomeDental Care products and your dentist can prevent this from happening to your family!

Don't forget about your children's teeth....

Look for decay on your Children's Teeth. This can be caused by using Sugar Water or other similar high sugar content liquids such as juices, sodas, and baby formulas. Also decay can be caused by eating carbohydrates (i.e.crackers) in between meals. Another issue is when children use pacifiers for too long a period of time... this can misshape the bone structure of the mouth and cause the growth of irregular teeth.

We recommend using the extra soft Natural Bristle Toothbrushes, Flossers and the Complete Dental Hygiene Kit associated with this site. Keeping teeth clean helps your gums stay healthy so they won't blead.

natural bristle toothbrushes
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Natural Bristle Brushes
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complete dental hydiene kit
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Complete Hygiene Kit
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12 Pack Flossers
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Remember: Cleaning better at home means whiter teeth and whiter smiles.

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