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Children's Teeth
It is really important that children learn the good habits of brushing and flossing after every meal. Our purpose at HomeDental.com is to offer suggestions that will help parents to assist and preserve their little one's current and future smile. We would also like to remind you to be sure a dentist is part of your child's health care program. It is suggested by dentists that children have their first dental appointment when they are three years old.

Examine your children's teeth between regular dental visits.
One thing you can do is to examine your child's mouth yourself, between dental visits. Six months can be a long wait and bad things can develop unexpectedly like tooth decay. Look for swelling, redness or bleeding of the gums, and look for brown or black spots on the teeth that could be possible decay. We strongly recommend that you NOT use a dental mirror or any dental tools in your child's mouth.
How to prepare your small child for their first dental appointment:
Often times when a small child sees the dentist for the first time it turns out to be a traumatic experience for everyone. Imagine a strange person trying to look into your child's mouth for the first time using strange dental tools...well, you get the picture.

Here's how you can help.
Allow your child to watch you... while you are examining your own teeth at home. Explain, long before their first dental visit, that someday a dentist will need to look into their mouth to see if everything is OK. This may end the possible development of a fear that could last for years even as adults. Dentistry can be painless but only if you keep teeth clean and healthy. Remember, a really clean tooth should hardly ever require drilling, repair, or replacement. The only exceptions may be if you experience a genetic deformity or the occurrence of an accident. Talk with your child's dentist and you will learn some valuable information on children's teeth and how to keep them clean and healthy.

May we recommend using "The Natural Bristle Toothbrush”? This brush is as soft as it gets and very gentle on your child's teeth and gums. Be sure you explain that the dental tools are for adult use only. Use only a toothbrush and dental floss in your child's mouth.

Please contact us for further information. We welcome your questions and feedback, and will in-turn do our best to answer you promptly with a satisfying, yet legitimate response.

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Remember:Cleaning better at home means healthier gums, whiter teeth and whiter smiles.
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