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Gum Disease...can be prevented, but you have to do a really great job cleaning your teeth at home. It's not reality to think seeing a dentist only two visits a year will prevent you from having gum disease.

Now it's possible to clean better at home by using Natural Bristle Toothbrushes and the Dental Hygiene Kit, plus other new exciting products connected with this website.

Complete Hygiene KitQ. What is Gum Disease?
A. Gum Disease is Periodontal Disease. Perio (around) Dontal (tooth). It is infection and inflammation of the gum tissue, which can also include any or all of the supporting tissues, such as the bone, muscle fibers, and the other soft tissues.

Q: What causes Gum Disease?

A. 1. Improper cleaning of the teeth and soft tissues     surrounding the teeth while at home and between regular     dental cleanings.  (Example: not brushing long enough, not     using a proper toothbrush)
2. Not removing all the plaque surrounding each tooth. 
3. Lack of professional care in a dental office.
4. A contributing hereditary susceptibility.
5. Unhealthy tissues due to poor diet.
6. A secondary response to other disease
7. Poor alignment and/or poor occlusion.
8. Food traps from malalignent, cavities or     restorations needing replacement.

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Oral Health & Hygiene

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Remember:Cleaning better at home means whiter teeth and whiter smiles.

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