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US and International Shipping & Handling

Homedental.com welcomes International Customers

Please Read: Products can only be shipped when correct shipping charges are applied with orders. A $3.00 access charge will be applied to all orders when our office has to contact customers to correct postal charges.
Postage selections are as follows:
   Canada & Mexico
US shipments will be in the usual Priority Boxes:
All International Orders will be shipped in:
Flat Rate Envelopes only:

Rates are:
US                                           $6.85
Canada and Mexico:                             $ 19.95
All other foreign countries, including Australia     $ 23.95
If International packages should ever be lost or delayed, customers are responsible for inquiring about indemnity coverage by contacting their local postal service. Shipper has no responsibility for packages damaged or lost.
PS> None of our International Priority shipments have ever been lost. That’s why we ship Priority International Mail. We have learned that late arrivals are usually due to (Customs) delaying shipments. Call the local Customs Office to inquire if your package is there or has been released.

Orders are processed same day or next day

We Have Secure Ordering. Guaranteed.

Your information is safe and secure. We encrypt all banking and payment information on our system. This ensures that no unauthorized use of your personal data can occur. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that protects your information from outside inspection by using 128-bit encryption, the security standard for making payments via the web. This makes data unreadable as it passes through the Internet and it cannot be compromised.

Thank you for being our customer. Jason Murray, homedental.com

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