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Recently, my dentist told me that if I didn't do a better job cleaning my teeth, I would soon need expensive and painful gum surgery.  That really upset me because I brush everyday.  Then he showed me HomeDent... and explained that's what he uses to clean teeth. Now he says my teeth are really clean, and I did it myself.
Thanks HomeDent!  A.R. Katy, TX 

Dear HomeDent, I would like to commend you for a well made and a much needed product the HomeDent Scaler. I purchased the Scaler kit about five months ago and have used it since. My teeth have never felt cleaner.  I use it every day to rid my mouth of the food particles and plaque on and between the teeth that oral rinses and brushing can't do.

The scaler, along with persistent brushing, flossing and rinsing, helped to make my last dental visit a pleasant experience. How surprised I was to hear, for the first time, my dentist's assistant say, "There's nothing here to clean.  Your do a wonderful job." My opinion originating from much experience, is that the HomeDent scaler is a needed tool among every home's oral hygiene products.
Thank you, C.P, Baton Rouge, LA

Well I received my order yesterday and gave it a try last night. All I can say is WOW! This is the answer for sure, my teeth look like they had just been cleaned by my dentist. The plaque came off with ease and I was amazed at how much there was and it's only been three months since my cleaning. I followed your instructions and went slow and easy and with the help of our well lite bathroom and plenty of mirrors I was able to get the inside areas as well as the outside areas.

I had looked in Google under dental tools and found a number of sites but the tools were for hobbyists and I couldn't figure out which tool would do the job and I was leery about tools that might be seconds. When I found Home Dental I knew I had found my answer because you stated what I wanted to hear and I knew this was what I wanted. You did everything perfectly, the prices are right on, the product is top quality and you shipped Priority mail. Thank you also for the freebies, they will be used.

All in all I'm a very happy camper with nice clean teeth thanks to Home Dental.

Regards, John

PS: I can put away my hammer and chisel that I had been using to get rid of the plaque :o)

We received the shipment and extra toothbrushes as well.  We are very satisfied with your product.  Our whole family now uses them -each agrees since using them we all experience significanly less plaque build up.   Do any stores carry your product?  A relative lives in a small town and mentioned that there is an organic grocery store/deli/pharmacy in town and would like to see if they would be interested in carrying your product.

Thank you again for the extra toothbrushes.


Helen Verven
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