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Tooth Whiteners

See what happens when you combine HomeDental.com recommended products with a little added effort!

No doubt about it...nothing increases your "Net Worth" more favorably than a beautiful smile.

Keeping teeth white is usually a matter of keeping teeth clean.

All over America, people are spending millions of dollars on, "As seen on TV" tooth whiteners. These products come as store shelf toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth and laser whitening which is done at a dental office. Everyone is searching for the "quick fix" for smiles that will "WIN YOU OVER."

Most tooth whiteners are made of the same material so they all work about the same. If you wish to whiten your teeth at home we recommend finding a brand with the softest and most comfortable trays. Sitting with a hard plastic tray in your mouth is not pleasant even if you are watching TV.


  1. FOR TOOTH WHITENERS TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE, YOU MUST FIRST GIVE YOUR TEETH A THOROUGH CLEANING. Your dentist or hygienist is the first choice to consider for cleaning your teeth or you may elect to give your teeth a thorough cleaning at home. If you choose to clean your teeth at home we recommend you follow the "Cleaning Teeth at Home" procedures described in that section. Plaque or tartar left on teeth will inhibit the chances of a whitening gel to "reach" the enamel; therefore, less whitening will take effect.
  2. WHITENING TEETH IS A NEVER ENDING PROCESS. Stains will usually return.... therefore, additional whitening gel will need to be applied periodically. Follow the manufacturer's directions and ask your dentist for advice about concerns of use and long-term effects.
We have the solution to keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy! Use our Dental Hygiene Kit to clean your teeth thoroughly before purchasing your teeth whiteners.
Download our FREE E-book "Tooth Whitener Secrets Revealed"

Main message here is to clean your teeth so whiteners can make contact with the tooth surface. Follow the instructions for "Cleaning Teeth" in the Cleaning Teeth at Home section.

Remember:Cleaning better at home means whiter teeth and whiter smiles.

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